colleen heslin

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Whispers and Honeycombs
Montreal, Quebec, 2012




Whispers and Honeycombs, 2012
Whispers and Honeycombs, distressed denim, 2012
Installation 2012
Silver lines by chance, acrylic pigment on cotton sheets, 2012
From Right to What's Left, linen, jute, wool and cotton on pallet wood, 2012
Untitled, silk, wool, linen, cotton, jute, 50"x52", 2012
Of The Woods, sewn grain bag on pallet wood, 40"x47", 2012
Potato Peelings, cotton, linen on burlap, 36"x36", 2012
Untitled, acrylic on denim, linen, jute and cotton, 2012


Untitled, latex and distressed denim on museum panel, 2012
White Light/White Heat, sewn cotton, 36x36", 2016
Untitled, distressed denim on museum panel, 2012
Last Legs, collaged linen shirt with oil stains, 36"x36", 2012
Goodgirl / Badass, Antique quilt blocks & bleach on denim, 60"x48", 2012
Untitled, bleach on denim and cotton, 60"x 48", 2012
Acid Flats, bleach on denim and oil on flanel, 66x54", 2012
Homedepot Donuts, dirt on canvas, 60"x64", 2012